Reading Wonders and Writing

This year our district has adopted a new English Language Arts curriculum entitled Wonders.

Our teachers have worked hard all year to learn the new material and identify the different resources the curriculum has. Our team loves using the leveled readers to differentiate their reading instruction. The level readers allow teachers to meet all students' needs.

Reading Wonders
In the Classroom

In addition, they have spent many hours reviewing the assessments within Wonders and correlating the questions to the Common Core Standards.

Most teams have altered and or changed the assessment to best meet the standards and their student's needs. Furthermore, the curriculum also offers a wonderful online component. Within the online system parents can view assignments and the reading selections that the students are completing in class. Students are also able to complete assignments and tests online.

The final piece of Wonders our staff is exploring is the research and inquiry space. This portion of the curriculum allows students to complete different research and inquiry projects.

They are learning how to use multiple sources, identify which sources are valid for their topic and complete a cooperative project/presentation with their peers on that topic.

Students love this authentic learning. The Cabrillo teachers are excited to continue to learn and grow with this new curriculum.

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